Ripple General Director wished Bitcoin success

According to Brad Garlinghaus, CEO of Ripple Crypto, XRP token and bitcoin cannot be compared. The businessman expressed his position in an interview with the popular Fortune publication.

He stressed that the two digital currencies mentioned above have completely different market objectives. At the same time, the CEO of Ripple finally recognised the potential of BTC and even wished him success. Although Garlinghaus had previously criticized Bitcoin from time to time.

The head of Ripple also commented on the BTC Rally in November, which is now traded above $18,600. Bitcoin, according to Garlinghouse, is excellent for protecting capital from inflation. However, if you look at the crypt currency in terms Bitcoin Profit of speed and transaction processing costs, the best option would be an XRP token.

On the subject of crypt regulation, Garlinghouse pointed out the tough stance of the US authorities in this direction.

That is why his company has already started considering options to change its jurisdiction. In the near future the Ripple team headquarters may move to Japan or Singapore.